5 Features and Characteristics of Good Blog

5 Features and Characteristics of a Good Blog post

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There are a lot of characteristics and features that you need to have to make your blog post appealing and readable among readers. These days Blog post has become our very own source of getting and being updated to the latest news.

These days blogging has changed to a very new level. As we can see in the early days we used to see this blog in newspapers and TV. During those times there used to be professional writers and authors in news magazines who used to cover all those news. But today it has become so easy to start blogging.

If you have the passion and have good writing then you can start your own blog as well. In addition to this, you can even monetize this content with some money. However, today many people are doing blogging only to make money despite providing quality and useful content. So, today we are going to discuss how we can identify quality sites. Who is there to deliver quality content to their audiences.

5 Features and Characteristics of a Good Blog post

To identify a good blog post we have made a list of characteristics of a Good Blog. Let’s discuss more about the features and characteristics of Good Blog:

User Interface and Dynamic view:

The first and foremost thing that every blogger needs to make sure of is the User Interface and Dynamic view of the site. This is the first thing that every viewer and audience see while coming to your site. If you have a bad user interface and hard to visit the site then visitors will fly away from your site. So, always make sure to make a clean and simple user interface on your website.

Organize post:

If your site is a general site then you need to make sure about organizing the content as per the topic or niche. This make will help users to browse the content as per the topic and niche. And users don’t have to visit and scroll the site. If you even have a niche site and make sure about this don’t just post the article upon each other.

Optimize Content:

Every site needs to have optimized content then only users will feel easy to read your content. This might include Images, Short paragraphs, Font, and Bullets. Besides this, there are many things that you need to make sure of. If you don’t have so much idea about Optimize Content then you can Use a Plugin for your site. There are a lot of Plugins in the WordPress store you can Use for free and paid.

Original Content:

Another most important thing is Plagiarism free content. Before you post any article on your site make sure to check either it has any copyright or not this will affect your ranking and even the traffic. Google won’t recommend your site if you have Plagiarism.

Length of your content:

Every good blog post has an average of 500 words length of the article. This is because the more word you have it means that you are providing more information to the audience and readers. So, always try to deliver the article lengthy as far as possible with proper research. However, don’t make it trash while keeping it lengthy be specific and try to explain more about the topic while making shorts.


The above listed are some of the features and characteristics of a good blog. The above listed are some of the points that every blog post needs to implement. Besides this, there are many things that you need to consider but the above are enough for now you will learn the remaining things after you start working on your blog.

Here’s how a good blog post looks like according to Neil Patel.

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