What are the functions of Trypsin?

What are the functions of Trypsin?

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Trypsin is an important enzyme in our body that helps us to digest protein in our body. Pancreases produce it and in the small intestine, it starts the process of protein digestion. It is referred to as a Proteolytic Enzyme as well. Proteins play one of the vital roles in our body for making tissue, new muscles, and maintenance and repair of tissue as well.

Whatever food we eat that is rich in protein all must be broken down into amino acid and then only it helps our body to take into different parts of our body. Sometimes disorder in it can also hinder the digestive process and even damages the Pancreases It’s function leads to pancreatic cancer. So, let’s discuss all the functions in details:

Functions Of Trypsin ;

Protein Digestion:

As I have mentioned earlier that the very main function of trypsin in our body is to help us in the digestion process. Whatever protein-rich food we eat goes on our intestine and the pancreatic releases it in an inactive form called Trypsinogen. This inactive form of Trypsin goes to the small intestine and on enzyme breaks down into active trypsin and this active trypsin helps the intestine to breakdown protein from the food. Besides this, it has helped the intestine to secrete another important enzyme

Trypsin Inhibitors:

It is another important function of Trypsin that helps our body to bind the block of its protein-digesting capabilities. Sometimes eating too much food containing Trypsin Inhibitors can lower the nutritional quality of protein and food. So, Enzymes released from the pancreases help our body block premature activation of it and another enzyme from Pancreases. In addition to this, it also prevents the pancreas from being self-digestion.

The above are two main functions of Trypsin in our body. The pancreas releases enzymes that help our body to break protein into smaller peptides which plays a vital role in muscle growth and tissue repair in our body. Sometimes the deficiency of this enzyme can create pancreatic cancer in our body. It will also decrease muscle growth in our body as well. You will get problems like Malabsorption which is often caused by the deficiency of it.

How to check the level of Trypsin our body?

You can also check the level of Trypsin in your body through a Blood test. If you have Pain in the middle and upper abdomen and have symptoms like Fever, Rapid Heartbeat, and Nausea it can happen due to the Deficiency of it in your body. However, these types of symptoms can go away within few weeks and can cause even severe complications after months. Besides this, you can also do a diagnosis to check the level of Trypsin in your body.


Mainly there is not so much function of it in our body. The major function is to break protein from food and helps to make a muscle in our body. It is present in the form of Trypsiongen in the pancreases and after going through the bile duct to the intestine to become Trypsin.

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