What is database cleansing and why is it important?

What is database cleansing and why is it important?

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Database cleansing is a Process of cleaning, detecting, and correcting the wrong information from the table and Column of data. These days most of the company started becoming data-driven businesses. Today almost half of the business activities are done through a computer or through online.

This data also helps companies to make data-based decisions. Companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft all generate a huge amount of data and also took the decision based on it. However, every data they collect are not useful some might be inaccurate and some might be corrupted. So, at this point Database cleansing play a crucial role in the company. There are couples of a data scientist on the company who works day night to clean this data and then only they can take accurate business decision based on it.

Why is database cleansing important?

Data cleansing is very much important for a business that takes decisions based on data. If you don’t have accurate data and trusted data and this can create huge problems for data-driven businesses. If you have properly cleaned and trusted data then you can take accurate business decisions. Here are some of the few important of Data Cleansing:

     It will increase trust while making any decision.

   We can identify the growth of the company and problem.

      It will save you’re a lot of time and efforts.

      To deliver quality service to the customer.

The above are some of the importance of Data cleansing in any business. This process can take up to months if the data haven’t cleaned up for years.

How to clean data?

You can also do Data cleansing by using Software including Tableau and Programming languages like R and Python. With the help of this programming language and software, we can easily clean up our data. However, we also need to have years of experience in using this stuff. Cleaning the data can take up to weeks and even months if your data is been piling up for years. So let’s discuss how database cleansing works and what things does it include.

Removing Duplicate and Repetitive data

In the very first step, we will remove all the duplicate and repetitive data from the database. Duplicate data can really affect businesses if their decisions are taken as per the data and statistics. Duplicate data is one of the major problems that we can see in Database Cleansing.

Structural Error Fixing

Structural error is another error which we need to see before making any business-related decision. In this step, we will check the Naming Convention and mislabeled classes. Sometimes the table might be name different and the data it contains can be different. So, at this point, we can be calculated wrong information from the wrong table only because of its category and classes.

Handle Missing Data

In the database, we can find many such tables where there is no data. This can create errors while processing data as the algorithm won’t accept the empty values. So, we also need to make sure that either there is any missing data or not.

These are some of the steps and things that involve during that database cleansing process. Besides this, there are many minor things that are also involved in it. However, the above are some of the major things that we need to consider while cleansing data.

Here’s the data of database cleansing according to Wikipedia

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