What is Lead Generation in digital marketing?

What is Lead Generation in digital marketing

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Before knowing what is a lead generation? You should firstly know what or who is a lead. A lead is a person a business or you can say your client who is interested in the service which you are providing.

Lead generation is a process of attracting your leads towards your company’s product or services. It is mostly used while affiliate marketing. This process was mostly used 3-4 years ago, but till now many Companies find it a good option for promoting their brands or products.

In modern times modern companies use various ways of Lead generation such as:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Networking
  4. Landing pages
  5. Coupons

Why is Lead Generation important?

It is a must if you own a business. It is the most important part of the sales funnel and as you all know that Sales Funnel is important if you are willing to increase your sales.

It mostly helps in growing your sales as well as your website’s traffic. Beyond that it also helps in targeting the right audience for your product.

What are the types of Lead Generation?

There are two types of the lead generation they are:

·       Quality Lead Generation: As mentioned in its name, it mostly focuses on the quality of the leads, not the quantity of the leads as they say “Quality matters, not the quantity” but still many companies tend to choose quantity except for quality.

·       Quantity lead Generation: It is a process in which you invest your time as well as your money in making a lot of it in a short interval of time.

So, how do you generate leads?

Now let us learn how we can generate leads. There are many ways of it but in this article let us know about only 3 ways.

1.  Content marketing

You can generate a lot of leads through the strategy of content marketing, can use infographics, blog posts, etc for generating leads. You can even create videos, podcasts according to your product.

2.  Social Media

According to me, Social media is the best platform for lead generation. More than 60% of the world in 2021 is in social media, which proves that Social Media has a huge audience which is way more beneficial for it. So, you should definitely use Social Media while generating a lead.

3.   Advertising

Advertising is the most popular way for lead generation, most of the people are gaining a lot of audience through advertising. In fact huge companies like Realme, Microsoft, Semrush, etc. depends on advertising.

There are many platforms of advertising, some of them are;

     Facebook ads

     Instagram ads

     Google ads

     Linkedin ads, etc

         So, you can use any one of them for advertising and building your audience.


In this article, I have shared my knowledge about lead generation. So, if you are a beginner then this article would have been a very helpful one. I have even shared some tips and tricks which I have used and which you need to use while creating a  funnel.

Here’s the defination of it according to the Wikipedia.

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