What is the Best size of a business card in Australia?

What is the Best size of a business card in Australia?

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These days Business card trends are going rapidly as businesses are booming in Australia. So, the trend of making business cards is also very popular. This is an easy way to tell people about your business and more information about your business.

Most people often ask me the best size of business card in Australia. So, here we are going to discuss more on this topic in depth. Mainly business cards are smaller where you can print your name, business name, phone number, services, and website. Besides this, you can add a lot of information as well.

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Why to make business card?

Business card is the easiest way to advertise your business in your society and among you friends. Besides this, it is way on give the introduction about your business. Sometime you might be travelling to somewhere and there you can tell about your business detail without explaining by yourself.

This piece of paper will speak everything about your business. It also shows professionalism and gives positive impression among the people. This is why business card is getting popular these days. So, if you are here for the same reason then you are in right place.

Guidelines for business card in Australia

Australian and Asian business cards are almost the same in size. While Canada and USA cards tend to be smaller as compared to Australian cards. The luxury card can have a size of 90mm X 55mm which can be portrait and landscape. Whereas, the US and Canada have a bit smaller size 88.9 mm X 50.8 mm. these cards are about 540gms of thick card with plastic coated in it.

Business card design

Business card design can be different from place to place and according to the business and information you want to keep. You can design you cad as per your requirement. Besides this, make sure to use the quality paper and if possible make it plastic coated. So, let’s discuss some of the things that you need to include to make good business card.

  1. Company name and make sure to use different fonts except for other words. This will highlight the name of your company.
  2. Make sure to mention your personal name and your job title if possible.
  3. Add the email and telephone number of your business where people can directly contact you.
  4. Add you services offered by you and your business.
  5. Try to make it stylish and make unique designs far as possible.

The above are some of the things that you need to consider before making any business card. There are different designs you can choose including Matt, Embossed, Foiled, and Doubled sided, and plastic coated. These are some of the popular design which you can consider on your card.


I hope that you have got some knowledge about these cards in Australia and their design. Business cards are the easiest way to tell people about your business and service. So, consider using it if you have the business.

Here’s the defination of business card according to wikipedia

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